Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Harry Reid Wants Nevada To Outlaw Prostitution

Nevada may be like one big sin city in some ways, gambling, alcohol that flows like water, half naked showgirls, and even prostitution in some smaller remote county areas. But Harry Reid, the Democratic Party leader in the U.S. Senate would like Nevada to outlaw prostitution claiming that it’s bad for business in the state. Taking a page directly from his Mormon faith book, Reid somehow believes that the economy of Nevada is somehow being harmed because of legal prostitution. Yet, there’s no real proof that any casino or other business skipped out on the state because of a relative handful of legal brothels. Yet, Harry Reid is a true believer here, and can’t be told any differently.

Oh sure, usually Republicans want to be known as the guardians of public morality, keeping the public safe from such dreaded things as gay marriage or smutty TV and books, but here even fellow Republicans such as John Ensign(R-NV) don’t see eye to eye with Reid’s line of crap thinking. Ensign believes this to a “county by county” issue for Nevada counties to decide, and opposes Reid’s notion that some state or federal law is needed.

Reid claims that “Parents don’t want their children to look out of a school bus and see a brothel, or live in a state with the wrong sort of red lights”. Bullshit. Brothels are located in less populous communities, usually far from other civilization. If any school bus would travel past a brothel in Nevada, then you know that it’s really, really lost.

Normal senators, especially Democratic Majority Leader Reid, should be more concerned to prevent a possible looming government shutdown. Instead, he’s currently expending his energy on this anti-prostitution campaign nonsense. That seems so wise, heh? When a potential crisis is looming, spend your time on wacky social legislation and make up stories about lost school buses of kids that might be traumatized because they passed by some house of prostitution out in the middle of the desert in Nevada.

The real issue here isn’t whether legal prostitution in a few remote counties in Nevada is such a good thing or not. The issue is why does the top senate Democrat consider this such a pressing issue to warrant his attention at all. Further, Senator Ensign is correct. This is a local county issue, and certainly not some national issue for Reid to address.


In the hallowed halls of big time sissyass stuff, this latest nonsense by Harry Reid sure takes it’s rightful place. By the way Harry, about that thing with your hands…..

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