Helena Bonham Carter: Oscar Fashion is Exquisitely Eccentric With British Flag on Her Leg (Photos)

There’s always a buzz about what Helena Bonham Carter will wear on any given occasion and the Oscars is no exception. She does not disappoint for the 83rd Annual Academy awards as she dazzles with her exquisitely eccentric style, this time with a British flag attached to her leg, more specifically a Union Jack. See photos of the lovely Helena Bonham Carter below.

Helena Bonham Carter

Now that the Oscars are over its time to sit back and enjoy the after-party news and catch up on what everyone was wearing. So lets look at Helena Bonham Carter, my very favorite eccentric British actress. I think its the fact that she is eccentric without trying to be eccentric that makes her so attractive. Its not a contrived attempt to draw attention ala Lady Gaga, but rather this is who this woman really is.

As might could have been guessed, she showed up in an eclectic voluptuous gothic style bodice and black skirt of her own design (along with the help of costume designer Colleen Atwood). What I find particularly interesting is that she says she chooses her designs because she is self-conscious about the size of her back-side. Instead of trying to camouflage or minimize her butt with style, she embraces it.

“I’ve always wanted to do 1880s,” she told a US TV interviewer on the Academy Awards red carpet.

“I’ve got a bit of complex about my bum, so I sort of thought I’d make it even bigger. This is something I got together with a costume designer, Colleen Atwood. I sort of thought it would be nice to celebrate film, rather than fashion.”

Asked whether she thought her outfit would be talked about in the fashion pages, she said: “I fear so. It might not be in the most complimentary terms, but whatever.”

She added: “I wear so many things. It’s like a Christmas tree. More is more with me. I just want to wear what I want. I think sometimes people take it a bit too seriously. It’s just a piece of clothing.”

If you think your butt is too big, them make it bigger. And most of all, don’t take yourself or the situation too seriously.

What is not to love about this woman, her sense of fashion and her screwy logic!

Helena Bonham Carter had been nominated for Best Supporting actress for her role in The King’s Speech. Melisa Leo won the Oscar in that category.

Enjoy more photos of Helena Bonham Carter in the photos below. See if you agree that her exquisitely eccentric Oscar fashion (and the British flag) are a wonderful diversion from the oh-so-serious fashion show that is the rest of the Academy Awards.

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