The Beastie Boys Set To Return With HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE Pt.2

Sometimes being viewed as The Three Stooges of music, The Beastie Boys will be back again with their first new album in four years in May. After group member Adam Yauch, who goes by the name, MCA, was hit with a bad medical diagnosis of lymph node cancer, the group went into cold storage for an extended time. Now, MCA seems to feel well enough to tour to support this new album. The good buzz here is that the group spent more effort on this album than most previous efforts, so it may serve to act as a major comeback for the act.

HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE Pt.1 was delayed indefinitely by the illness of Yauch and other problems, however HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE Pt.2 has the promise of some of the outrageousness and new bizarre recording and sampling techniques of the first part. The 16 song album is set to debut in May, and should become a favorite among those who dig their White hip hop sound.

The Beastie Boys no doubt promise to have some outlandish new music videos to back the new album up. Some past videos have sent up James Bond and other topics in their usual strange way, making the group always entertaining to watch. Going from a hard core punk act to a White hip hop act is quite a transition. But, enough fans have followed this act over the years where it all seems to work out by the end of the day. But, so far no advance copies of the album appear to be floating around out there for a listen by music critics like me. That’s disappointing. I’d like to give you the same heads up that I can give on other new music or movies. So, I’ll just have to wait until an advance preview comes up to report back.

Always fun to watch, The Beastie Boys continue to confound and entertain with their new and controversial musical outings. HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE Pt.2 should prove to be a new milestone in their long history as a recording act. And maybe someday, HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE Pt.1 will see the light of day as well.

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