Olivia Wilde Photos on Cosmopolitan April Issue: Olivia Wilde’s Confidence Manifesto!

Olivia Wilde on Cosmopolitan April Issue and talking about the ‘Olivia Wilde’s Confidence Manifesto!’ Enjoy her photos below!

Olivia Wilde Cosmo Cover

Actress Olivia Wilde covers Cosmopolitan’s April issue this year with tons of cleavage and sexy confidence. Inside the issue, she gives us a glimpse into her very own ‘Olivia Wilde’s Confidence Manifesto’. It has to do with feeling good about yourself whether or not you are Hollywood’s ideal. She talks about being called too fat and too skinny on internet sites and not letting that affect her body image (too fat???!!!). She also talks about it being OKAY to use her assets, which should be perfectly obvious to anyone who looks at her, to get where you want to go, ‘as long as we’re aware of the fact that we are worth the same with or without these tools’.

More Olivia Wilde photos.

Well, her ‘tools’ and assets have not hurt her one little bit. Below are more photos of Olivia Wilde from the April issue of Cosmopolitan.

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