Charlie Sheen Declares War on CBS and Warner Bros: Thinks He Lays Golden Eggs (Video)

Charlie Sheen just enjoyed another rant, in essence declaring war on his former bosses at CBS and Warner Bros. We’ll try to sum it up for you and give you a couple of entertaining videos to watch about the on-going Charlie Sheen saga below.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is such a hot mess that its hard to know where to even start in writing about what is going on with him. You’ve read it all from the domestic abuse, arrests, addictions, divorces, law-suits, porn stars, locking hookers in closets, trashing hotel rooms to now getting his number 1 television show canceled and putting something like 220 people on his crew out of work. But none of that is his fault because, according to him, he lays golden eggs. He’s the king of show-biz and the money-making money-maker.

You would think that having his show canceled after his rant on Thursday would have made him sit back and ponder for at least a nano-second how he might have gotten himself into this mess. But no, it is cause for more rants. He did it again just today. He’s on vacation in the Bahamas with a hooker or ten at the moment and called into a radio show to declare war on his former bosses at CBS and Warner Bros. They are messing with the wrong dude, he says. He called them ‘Nazis’ and ‘hypocrites’.

He urged the crew of Two and a Half Men to be patient and understand they are at war and he will take all the money out of the evil producers pockets. The crew seems more concerned with paying their mortgages then acting out some fantasy movie script that seems to be rolling around in Sheen’s head and driving his life at the moment.

Interestingly, he commented to his fans: ‘I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong.’ Doesn’t look like he’s lacking ego there.

He also urged his fans to grab a drink and popcorn, sit in a comfortable chair and watch the show. That might be the sanest thing he’s said in a while. The Charlie Sheen Reality TV Real Life Implosion of a Hedonistic Half Man Acting Like a Petulant Child Show might be more entertaining than his comedy hit show Two and a Half Men.

Okay, below you can see videos of a couple of takes on the latest Charlie Sheen rants. The first one is a Taiwanese television animation Charlie Sheen news update (via Perez Hilton) and the other is an animation of the initial rant with Alex Jones against his bosses at CBS and Warner Bros.

Check back because we are absolutely sure the drama will continue …..

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