Spy Anna Chapman Mulls Run For Russian Parliament

Beautiful Russian spy, Anna Chapman, who was deported from the United States for espionage, is mulling a run for the Russian parliament. If she follows through with these plans, she is virtually assured a win since she would be running under the United Russia Party banner. Vladamir Putin’s party has a virtual monopoly of power on many seats in the Russian Parliament, where the Communists and other parties would be hard pressed to win in many areas, despite some public consternation about Putin’s leadership style. Democracy is something of an illusion in Russia, where Putin’s party not only controls the dominant political party majority that rules the nation but much of the media is little more than a mouthpiece for the policies of Putin as well. Propaganda News stories featuring Putin as some heroic figure, racing cars or doing other athletic feats are common place on the Russian airwaves.

Chapman has successfully marketed herself in her homeland. She hosts a TV show, as well as markets at least eight products using her name or image. She also models as well. Who knew that being a spy was such a lucrative business?

Photos and video of Anna Chapman are below.

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