Kelly Brook is Hot Fallen Angel in Lynx Ads (Photos, Videos)

What’s a super hot British model and actress supposed to do when she’s fallen from heaven? Apparently make old men drool and sell deodorant. At least that’s what it looks like from the videos and photos below as Kelly Brook plays a hot fallen angel in a new Lynx ad campaign for Excite.

Kelly Brook, Lynx Ad

If I’m seeing this Lynx ad campaign right, it seems that there are some super sexy angels who fall into a sleepy European town wrecking havoc and confusion among the locals. Then they run into a guy on one of those European motorcycles who uses Excite products (deodorant, body spray, shower gel, etc). The result is that they are willing to grab their halos and crash them to use deodorant.

Then, in the second video, the the super-sexy fallen angels are searching for their arch-angel who happens to look an awful lot like Kelly Brook. She is still in heaven, trapped and writhing in near nothing lingerie on silk-sheets. Naturally, she’s tearing her scanty garments off as she writhes.

And here I always heard that European’s didn’t use deodorant! Who knew their deodorant was so good it would make angels fall from heaven!

The question remains, are Lynx products so good that the arch-angel herself will fall? That has yet to be answered and we are virtually quivering in anticipation of the answer (ha).

See more of Kelly Brook as a hot fallen angel in the new Lynx ads below in photos and videos.

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