Cd Review: Gregg Allman LOW COUNTRY BLUES

Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman waited 14 years to do this new solo album, and the long pause between recordings seems pretty worthwhile here. Comprised of 14 covers of blues classics, by such greats as Muddy Waters, Gregg Allman produces a great and powerful blues album here. He has the blues really nailed down here. It’s one of the best offerings from this talented artist, who brings powerful vocal work to this effort as well.

While your first impression of the Allman Brothers is they are one of the kings of the Southern rock genre, blues was still at their very heart as an act. It only seems natural that this record would be made at some point covering some songs that influenced the distinctive Allman Brothers sound. It also seems only natural that T. Bone Burnett would produce such a recording, since he connected his name with no less than 10 great album productions this past year alone.

With a few disappointing albums in recent times by a few veteran musical acts, it’s refreshing to hear a quality album by a performer who allowed so many years to pass between their last outing.

The Bottom Line: A quality album by music legend Gregg Allman. Add this to your well stocked library. +++(Three stars, good. A more than decent return to music by one of the legendary Allman family members).

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