Lara Logan Suffered Brutal Whipping

Today it was disclosed that CBS reporter Lara Logan suffered a brutal whipping with flag poles by the rowdy crowd of estimated 200 that surrounded her in Tahrir Square. This left her with red welts all over her body, including some very sensitive places that were mistaken by some early reports for bite marks. Between the brutal whipping and being punched, Lara Logan had many physical injuries that required treatment by a doctor who administered a sedative because of the severe pain. Lara Logan was Stripped of her clothes and treated with brutality for about 30 minutes according to new reports out just today.

One early report that circulated on the Internet was that the CBS reporter might have been bitten on the left breast or even had the nipple bitten off. However, it appears that she simply suffered significant trauma to that breast while being whipped, raising red welts that looked like bite marks. Trauma from instruments such as sticks tend to raise serious double tram-line type welts that can often break the skin creating long bleeding cuts, these sort of injuries might have been mistaken for teeth marks from some purported cell phone video reports of the horrific mob violence crime. Further, medical reports suggest that heavy and deep bruising can emerge as well from trauma by being beaten with sticks such as those the crowd used as weapons. Logan also was badly pinched as well, leaving some ugly marks as well.

The Egyptian government and their state controlled news media also bear some real responsibility here. The government and their state mouthpiece media filled the airwaves with false reports that Jewish spies were among the reporters in the country, helping to cause problems for many reporters including Lara Logan and her CBS crew. The government probably sought to deflect anger away from their government, but instead endangered the lives of many journalists, creating a dangerous climate of hate. 140 journalists have been either killed or faced violence in Egypt since reporting the political unrest news that started Jan 25. CNN’s Anderson Cooper was punched in the head during one such attack on journalists.


Reportedly, as bad as the physical injuries are, Lara Logan has suffered significant psychological trauma as well by the attack. That is why she has been reluctant to speak about the injuries and the event. Yesterday, Lara Logan, who is the head CBS international reporter did release some short comments about the mob violence crime. Only days earlier, she was held at a Egyptian police station in a blindfold in a stress position, questioned about being a possible spy for Israel.

Lara Logan continues to have our best wishes and prayers as more details about her ordeal become public and are reported.

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  • I would like to point out several factual mistakes in the report:
    1- Egyptian state media said foreign journalists were Foreign and Israeli Spies, and never mentioned anything about them being Jewish.
    2- It is ridiculous and misleading to say that “140 journalists have been either killed or faced violence in Egypt since reporting the political unrest”. Being killed and facing violence are two extremes that shouldnt be associated in the same sentence and given a numerical estimate. I have researched online, and not ONE SINGLE foreign reporter was killed during the unrest.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Keen. Egyptian media was wrong to claim that many foreign journalists were spies from Israel or other places. This only encouraged mob violence against reporter Lara Logan. If some shouted “Jew, Jew” as has been reported by numerous reports, it was that they took this one step from the outrageous Egyptian media reporting. Since 2007, a report from the Columbia Journalism Review blamed threats of rape as a weapon to prevent foreign reporting within Egypt. This threat has been blamed at both supporters and opponents of the Mubarak regime.

    You might dispute with me that any foreign journalists have been killed since the January 25, violence started. However, domestic and foreign journalists include all sorts or writers as well as TV personnel. I simply repeated a credible claim that has been posted by a top journalist in the industry.

    The fact of that matter is that 140 journalists, both foreign and domestic within Egypt have faced some sort of violence since Jan 25. Lara Logan was held by Egyptian police blindfolded only days before she was brutally attacked by this mob violence.

    Certainly this is an evolving story, where some details will be subject to change.