CBS Reporter Lara Logan Explains Her Attack In Egypt

While not disclosing every detail of her beating and sexual assault, or the full extent of her physical injuries, CBS international reporter Lara Logan has offered her own explanation of some of the details of the attack early today. Previously, CBS only offered a statement that Lara Logan “suffered a brutal and prolonged sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers”. Lara Logan was doing a story for 60 MINUTES when the events went horribly wrong in Tahrir Square. As she recovers from her physical injuries, a possible 60 Minutes story may be likely in the near future.

Lara Logan said that “the attack was so sudden” and that she had “no way of escaping” the violence she faced last week. Lara Logan claims that she was separated from her crew by the rowdy crowd of about 200 following news that President Mubarak would step down, and she was kicked and punched and her clothes were ripped off. She also had some hair pulled out as well. She claims that a group of women saved her from actual rape by throwing themselves on top of her, protecting her. The nature of her sexual attack appears to be more that of groping or possible penetration by fingers, since the legal term “sexual assault” stands for some sort of sexual penetration under accepted U.S. law definitions, rather than the claims of a controversial YouTube video and other reports that have surfaced on the Internet in the last few days claiming actual violent rape or claimed details of that rape.

Further, there were reports that cell phone videos exist of the violent attack. The Obama Administration has reportedly asked the Egyptian government to make arrests in the case, suggesting that any known videos of the attack may have been confiscated or are being used as evidence in this crime to identify suspects. Sometimes American law enforcement may offer assistance in such a case if a foreign government allows it. However, the statements by Lara Logan that she was sexually assaulted, but escaped rape strongly suggest that some cell phone videos that might exist of the reported violence might actually be of other women who faced sexual violence in recent days in Egypt. There have been many police reports of sexual violence in Egypt in the last two weeks as order had badly broken down and Egyptian security forces were hard pressed to restore order to demonstrations and other public gatherings that had grown out of control.

Lara Logan was also held at blindfold by Egyptian police only days before the Tahrir Square assault, where she questioned for being a spy for Israel. She became very ill during this interrogation when she vomited so much that a medic was sent to look after her. She asked for an IV at the time because of the illness problems. After she was placed on the IV and recovered somewhat, she was released. CBS was apparently unaware of her captivity at a secret location.

Despite one of the worst two weeks in life of any reporter ever recorded, Lara Logan contends that “it is in my blood to cover tumultuous events”. This means that you can expect Lara Logan back on the job very soon. She’ll have one heck of a book to write someday, facing danger many times before from IEDs covering warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as hotspots in Africa and the MidEast. She’s a reporter’s reporter.

We at Wizbang Pop continue to wish Lara Logan the very best of wishes and prayers for her speedy full recovery from any injuries and a return back to work. We also appreciate the efforts by Lara Logan to set the record straight and offer her own first person account of her terrible ordeal in Egypt. This should help to prevent any further reports with wrongful or inaccurate information such as the recent YouTube video which surfaced this past week following the assault aftermath when CBS wasn’t very forthcoming about information regarding this violent attack.

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  • Larry_pinell

    Funny how nobody else reported that she spoke today. So this is all made up, I guess, like so many other reports of the details of her assault.

  • Bobjones2390

    Larry, you ignorant slut. It was in several major newspapers.

    Somebody needs to learn you how to use Google.

  • canadianguy

    The above comment is both infuriating and frustrating. How anyone could make such a foolish, ignorant comment about a reporter allegedly making up such a horrific story, should be completely and utterly ashamed. Did you think the Holocaust was made up as well? This female reporter, was brutalized, terrorized and assaulted. It is only the exact details that are not completely clear and for good reason. If you were attacked in this way, would you want the national press to know every gory detail? Perhaps if the person attacked was a male, it would be more believable? Pathetic…..

    • Tim

      dude if it was some Christian assault it would be front page every day

    • I think he meant Wizzbang made the story about Lara’s statemtent up.
      Wizzbang was heavily criticized earlier for publishing reports that Lara was “Raped vaginally 6 times, then held down and raped anally”, and that “the men surrounded her, and urinated on her”etc.
      Lara was never raped, according to her own statements.
      She was however violently beaten and groped.

  • Chris_hargensen

    Those gd men should be put down. So sick of male inflicted violence and rape against women. Why do they do it? Why are they such lowly animals? I say bring in more female reporters to Eygpt and all of these bloody middle eastern countries. You’ll never stop us. Also women need to have a definitive defense against such barbaric creatures. Something fast, something that will incapacitate…might I suggest poisonous fingernails? Mace isn’t fast enough. Guns and knives too dangerous and not fast enough (plus you don’t really wanna kill someone). I don’t know, I’m just so fed up with this shit.

    • Tim

      it’s called islam

  • Anonymous

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  • Karen

    Who did Lara Logan speak to…it does not say. I don’t believe the above article to be true without disclosing who is writing this.

  • maggie

    She should have known that she was at risk, their culture and view on western women is legendary. She was glory hunting in a dangerous place, she paid the price.