The Controversial And Shocking Details About The Lara Logan Attack

CBS international reporter Lara Logan is a well known public figure. And CBS and other media have accepted that she was brutally assaulted. However, Youtube and some Arab Websites are offering some further claimed shocking details not reported by the U.S. media and even some video about the extreme brutality of the attack on CBS reporter Lara Logan . Reportedly, some videos did show a crowd of about 200 or more men surround and separate Lara Logan from her security, and the crowd shouted “Jew, Jew!”, and “American bitch!”. Lara Logan is not Jewish or American, she’s a South African native.

Reportedly some of physical and sexual assault activity was caught on camera phones as well. One video purportedly involved some boy fondling the breasts of the reporter. However, another purported video that was described by a controversial YouTube video claims that a bearded man ripped the top off the reporter and began slapping her face and breasts. He then pinned her to the ground, and by this time she stopped resisting, apparently accepting the fact that she was overpowered. The bearded man then removed her pants and masturbated in front of her before raping her. He also reportedly clawed at her breasts with his hands. The YouTube video claims that at least six men raped her vaginally, and a number of men also raped her anally as well. She was reportedly masturbated on and urinated on by some men as well according to the YouTube video claims which was supposed to be pieced together from information and videos posted on Arab Websites and other sources.

It was claimed by various reports that the sexual assault and beatings might have lasted anywhere from 20-30 minutes on the short side, and as long as about 3 hours on the other hand. It was also claimed that her left breast might have been bitten or might even had the left nipple bitten off as well. One report claims that somewhere from 6 to about 50 men might have sexually assaulted or beat the attractive reporter.

One one hand, Lara Logan deserves her privacy. On the other hand being a major public figure, this international crime story is a very important one. It is also important to understand how anti-Americanism seemed to play a major role in the extreme level of brutality here. Reportedly, the reporter was left bloody, with semen and urine on her as the crowd shouted anti-American slogans. This reporter deserves far better respect than these claims of the brutality suggest. This mob violence against an attractive reporter who risks her life by reporting from the world’s hot spots only illustrates the type of danger that reporters potentially face when they report the news.

The assault on Lara Logan illustrates just how much order has recently broken down in the MidEast region which is now far more dangerous for Westerners. Further, some dangerous heads of Al Qaeda have been released from prison in places like Libya as rioting crowds demanded that political prisoners are released. When reporter Lara Logan heals from her injuries, she will no doubt bravely go right back to reporting on all the perils of this region.

Update: Some of the videos such as a controversial YouTube video have been recently pulled down by YouTube about this brutal attack. And reportedly, a number of camera phone videos of the attack may exist as well. But, what is known is that a crowd of perhaps 200 men were witnesses, while some participated in this crime in addition to the Egyptian women and police that were witnesses to this crime. Yet, CBS has had a peculiar double standard as to openly reporting this news story. At first CBS ignored this major news story, first allowing other news sources to report the story before finally admitting that international reporter Lara Logan “suffered a brutal and prolonged sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers”. This has only led to a series of stories such as the YouTube video and postings on foreign Websites that claim to have viewed camera phone videos, photos or witness accounts of this story.

Only weeks ago when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was seriously wounded by a gunman at a constituent meeting at an Arizona Safeway store, CBS had no problem reporting in detail the injuries to the congresswoman and other victims of the attack. However, in the case of this attack and violence against one of their own reporters, CBS has been unusually silent, only allowing other accounts, or even possible speculation to fill the void. Further, CBS hasn’t been helpful in answering the question about whether rape was involved. However, legally the term “sexual assault” under U.S. law does usually stand for some form of sexual penetration.

We feel very sorry for reporter Lara Logan here. She’s an extraordinary journalist. However, CBS should be as open and honest about this story as Logan has been about her honest reports at hotspots around the globe. CBS could also be as honest and open about her injuries as they were in reporting the injuries to Rep. Giffords recently. The public wants to know how badly injured Lara Logan was. They identify with her because she’s such a popular public figure, seen in their living rooms several times a week on the CBS news.

CBS has a real opportunity to clear the air here, and honestly report the facts of this story, and not to whitewash the facts here. It appears that even the Obama Administration has pushed officials in Egypt to bring those that attacked Lara Logan to justice, strongly suggesting that real documentation of the crime, such as cell phone videos do exist which could identify those who beat or sexually assaulted the popular reporter. Meanwhile, Lara Logan continues to have our best wishes and prayers for her full and complete recovery.

Update 2: The Daily Mail published this today: Stripped, punched and whipped with flag poles: Full horror of Lara Logan’s attack emerges. While it doesn’t doesn’t exactly match all the details above, it’s pretty clear that the detials of what happened to Logan were horrific.

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  • Anonymous


    I don’t know if these more sensational allegations surrounding the assault are true and I certainly don’t hate muslims, who for the most part, choose NOT to follow the example of Mohammad (thank G-d). But islam as a religious and political ideology, laid out in several official schools, practiced in many islamic theocracies and taught in offical islamic schools, is a knowable, ascertainable commodity of ideas – And yes, it is violent, supremacist, dishonest and misogynistic . . . to the core. It denies freedom of speech, freedom of consceince, freedom of association and equality before the law. It relegates women and non-muslims to permanent second class citizenship. It condones pedophelial marriages for girls, concubinage and gender aparteid and it imposes its ruthless rules through an extensive system of terror and threats – often at at the familial level. It is one of the most profound evils at work in the world today.

  • Your name

    Cookie Monster says HI!!!!

  • guest

    It is under reported because white people need to keep believing that blaks are equal to us. They didn’t apperciate the fact that she was reporting on the mistreatment of the Egytian people, no they saw an opportunity to rape a “white bitch” and took it. To the women reading this have you ever look up the F.B.I numbers on black on white rape? Its very shocking!

  • A Why

    Why are the facts not coming out? Why the mystery?

  • Censored

    blog is censored

  • Kevin

    Thank you. We’ve sent a notice to his editors and their legal department.

  • Dustup

    Muslims have not been a part of America “since it’s inception.” However, America has been at war with Muslims since it’s inception.

    Jefferson and Adams created the Marines (“to the shores of Tripoli”) to end Muslim aggression against the US navy and merchant fleet. The Barbary Muslims had been attacking and destroying coastal towns throughout Europe and as far north as Iceland for the purposes of slavery and theft. They murdered the older men and women, because they weren’t useful merchandise. Young women were especially valuable as concubines in the Muslim markets. Yeah, this means repeated rape.

    Prior to going to war against the Muslims, Jefferson met with their ambassador to Britain. When asked why they were attacking and enslaving Americans, the ambassador replied that Islam “was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

    Declaring that America was going to spend “millions for defense but not one cent for tribute,” Jefferson launched the Marines in America’s first war against the Muslims, helping at the same time to end their piracy and slavery of Europeans.

    I suggest you do some homework before making your ignorance apparent for all to see.

  • I am very skeptical of the You Tube video. And yes i saw it in its entirety. My skepticism is directed at 2 points. First the translator does not give us his credentials for being able to read and speak Arabic fluently. Arabic has the least number of literates for any major language group as well as the least amount second language speakers. There are many reasons for this. Suffice it to say for now that there are very few current needs for the language other than to keep an eye on Muslim nut cases. And the hosts appearance lends me no confidence either.
    Secondly, exaggeration is so prevalent in the Arab world that it feeds on itself to a crazy extent. Arabs are fantasists, and would greatly enjoy embellishing the sexual attack on a pretty Jewess (even if one were not Jewish).

  • RightGirl

    This happens all the time in Muslim countries. Just last year the story broke about hippy broads getting raped by their pet Palestinians when they go over to Israel to protest the settlements. But it doesn’t get talked about because it doesn’t fit the meme.

    I think Logan will eventually report on the story herself – she’s that kind of reporter. But for now, let’s give her time to let her wounds heal.

    Mothers of daughters, please teach them well about the misogyny of Islam. There is NO respect for women – we are meat, nothing but fuck-toys. Especially white women, because we aren’t even worthy to their moon god. You’d do well to teach your girls to stay far away from these pack animals.


    • Missy

      Oh please its not just white women no need to to feel racial sensitive on yourself its women across the globe too who are heavily victimised

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  • putangclan

    mohamed is a pussy ass bitch! Hes a child raping scum bag and i draw that mother fucker every day.

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  • robin

    I don’t discount the idea that this may have been what happened, but there needs to be credible sources, like video and multiple eyewitness testimonies to corroborate details. People can and do say ANYTHING online, and many bored sickos use the internet to give vent to their active and crazy fantasy lives. Like I said, this *may* be true, but I’m very skeptical unless there are actual credible sources.

  • Anonymous

    That poor woman will have nightmares about this for the rest of her life!

    One can’t help but wonder if a society that would produce such hedonistic animals could be considered as ready for a true democratic republican form of government. Their culture is so vastly different from ours that I question whether true civil government and respect for human rights can exist in such a society. Is THAT democracy? It’s certainly not the kind we have known!

  • Anonymous

    The article is clearly in error. It states that approximately 200 “men” watched this assault. A true man could not have watched this and not stepped into save her from these Muslim cowards. The women who did save her were more masculine and courageous than the human garbage who watched and did nothing. It is unfortunate that each of them could not be captured, castrated and then buried alive in pig dung.

  • John

    All u Muslim hating morons … don’t u see that what they show u on ur TVs in America and other Muslim hating countries is meant to brain wash u into thinking that all Muslims r animals and beasts !! … How can u generalize that all Muslims have no respect for women or that all of them have problems with their personal hygiene … that’s just stupid !! …. I’m very sure that if the same riots happened in the U.S there would be MORE rape and assault stories that u could ever count cuz its well known that America has on regular days a very very high percentage of crime … so I’m asking u … who’re the animals here … the things that happened to Lara r very sad and the men responsible should be punished with no mercy .. but those acts represent mob mentality not the Islamic religion.
    P.S: I’m not a muslim.

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  • Nith

    Clearly, all the world’s having a huge controversy. Today, it’s not really clear what’s a lie and what’s not. But I do doubt that something this big would be given to the media. That too, such a harsh thing. I wouldn’t call that a fantasy, I would call that a serious crime. I do believe that there’s a whole percentage of people, sadly people of the Arab spectrum, who turn about with extremist ideas and work out lies about a lot of things. I do believe that every religion is peaceful and I also do believe that all the books, including that of the Jewish, Christians and Moslems are all credible – BUT as always misinterpreted. The Moslems of today misinterpret the Koran into their own fallacy. For example, there’s no such thing in the Koran telling Moslems to kill and hate the Jews, in fact, it’s clearly written that Moslems can marry Jews. Going back to this topic, the outrage of this awful incident must not go unpunished. It’s not the first time such cases of brutality from Egypt were brought up. This is really quite disturbing.

    • Anonymous

      No, Nith. Muslim MEN may marry jews or christians or any other kind of woman for that mattter. Muslim women may NOT. If the a non-muslim people refuses to submit to islam after an official “invitation,” muslim men may also wage war against them and take their women as sex slaves. Such “Right hand possessions” are specifically identified as halal for intercourse in the Quran – and there is no upward limit on their number (as the example of Mohammad amply demonstrates). Osama and various other members of the muslim brotherhood extended such an invitation to islam to the United States in the 1990’s and even more recently, as Barry Rubin has documented. To those muslim men, Lara Logan was nothing more than an unsubmitting infidel America – and a halal sex slave to boot . . .  Moreover, Uncovered  western women who refuse to submit to islamic shariha norms generally are not accorded any protection under islamic law. They inhabit “the land of war”  and muslim men are not bound to respect their property or their persons. In a sense, they inhabit a region of lawlessness in the islamic imagination, where literally anything goes.  And because such a woman  refuses  to submit to islamic rules of gender aparteid and veiling, whatever happens to her is her own fault.

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  • Guest

    Lord God, we live in an age when sexuality is trivialized and when covenants are broken routinely. We are bombarded with cultural insensitivity for the sacredness of life and what was once considered perverted is now common place and accepted. Please help me increase my sensitivity to the Truth of Your commandments and show me where I need to amend my attitudes and my actions. Forgive me my failures in this area and strengthen me to live a chaste life. Free me from the bondage of my passions and make me the master of my inclinations. Heal me of past hurts and the impact of erroneous instruction and guide my relationships in purity, fidelity and love. Amen.

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  • Charles Butler

    This prooves that liberals have never and will never care about women. To cover this up and allow this to happen while supporting the muslim brotherhood and other Islamic groups who take away the freedoms of women in the muslim world while putting them in Burkhas and curcumsizing them shows how much they hate liberty and freedom unless it deals with the right to kill the living human that is growing inside of them.

  • John Louis Hobley II

    I still don’t know what exactly to believe,and it’s been a couple of years since it happened. But I don’t believe that she was gangraped,even though her getting severely beaten was horrific enough.
    Because if she did get raped ,why wasn’t anyone charged,why didn’t anybody at least try to stop it,there’s no footage,why would she continue to work at a job that would expose her to such horrific circumstances,etc.
    It seems as if the media is using this as a ploy to get narrow minded westerners to hate middle easterners in general,brainwashing as a whole.
    She could’ve gotten killed,all for a trivial newstory,unreal! I wonder if the real story will ever come out,be a use I don’t believe the liberal media for one bit,not at all!
    Hope springs eternal…

    • Ro

      This is an ignorant comment. She already discussed the details of the attack. She was not raped, but people had their hands inside of her sexually, grabbing her crotch and breasts, and she was beaten very badly.

      This happened a long time ago and the details of what happened have been revealed and discussed. She continues to do her job as a reporter because she is not a wimp. That idiotic mob who attacked her wanted to make her fearful and terrified, but she is resilient and strong. Good on her.

  • Andrew

    HOW MANY TIMES WAS SHE RAPED ? or how many men

  • Mary Isom


  • Sam Zee

    Another reason why I hate Arabs .