Josh Brolin stars as the disfigured bounty hunter antihero in this Western based off the DC Comics character. For the $47 million dollar production investment, this film only poorly returned a little over $10 million back and was a real box office flop compared to so many far more successful films involving Marvel Comics characters such as Spiderman. But, Josh Brolin gave this movie his very best shot. Maybe this film is far from being great. But, if you just enjoy the ride as an unusual Western, you might find it interesting. But, the makeup on Josh Brolin is a little odd and distracting rather than enhancing the story. Some guys with scars look tough. Brolin just looks strange here.

There’s not nearly enough Western movies these days it seems, so even a so-so effort like this is enjoyable enough. Jonah Hex is odd, yet acceptable enough.

On Rotten Tomatoes this film drew a dismal 15% critical approval. That wasn’t very good. And the film does take some liberties with the origins of the DC Comics Jonah Hex character. But, still the story of some die-hard post-Civil War former Confederate soldiers has some interesting moments, and provides a little drama when President Grant fears that former Confederate officer Quentin Turnbull(John Malkovich) has stolen components of a secret weapon to use for a terror attack set for July 4 and Jonah Hex is recruited to stop his arch-enemy Turnbull, who murdered his wife and son by burning their home and branding Jonah Hex with a QT brand on his face. Jonah Hex was a wanted man, but the offer by President Grant seemed too good to refuse, to hunt down Turnbull.

The Bottom Line: Not a great film. But, a reasonable enough post-civil war drama with some good moments. ++ 1/2(Two and a half stars, or a little bit better than fair).

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