O.J. Simpson Not Brutally Beaten In Prison As NATIONAL ENQUIRER Story Claims

THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER claimed they leaked a story that O.J. Simpson was recently brutally beaten by a young skinhead in prison, and had to spend three weeks in the prison infirmary recovering from his injuries. Reportedly, many other prisoners actually cheered the attack. THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER also claimed that Simpson became a marked man in prison after he bragged about his sexual conquests of beautiful white women, setting off anger among some white supremacist prison gang members. The only problem is that this story never happened according to a number of sources including O.J. Simpson himself, who reportedly had a good laugh at the story and took the story in good nature.

O.J. Simpson is serving a sentence of at least nine years because of an incident in which he confronted sports memorabilia dealers in an armed incident. He claimed the items were stolen from him. However, the courts viewed his actions as armed robbery and kidnapping and he was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison. He is currently serving time at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center. Some view the harsh sentence as an attempt by the court to retroactively punish Simpson for what many believe was his escape from justice in the murder case of his former wife and a male friend. However, in other ways, perhaps O.J. Simpson always had a dark and violent side that wasn’t really noticeable until his legal problems brought this out.

Sadly, the trial of O.J. Simpson on murder charges was so controversial that it became a racially divisive event. The American public largely split along racial lines in their views of this trial rather than objectively wanting justice to be served about the question of whether O.J. Simpson was indeed guilty or not of the crime that he was charged for. And reportedly, at least one African American juror later claimed that his acquittal was somehow payback for the Rodney King incident, which is highly unfortunate that two high profile separate events somehow were viewed as being linked by someone who was to be an open minded and objective juror.

At one time O.J. Simpson was a much beloved sports figure and celebrity, who even starred in those NAKED GUN comedy movies, seeming to be a good sport. Then the legal problems started for him, forever changing his public image and making him into a highly controversial figure now. At age 63, Simpson now finds his life broken. His freedom gone. He’s looking at many more years in prison and his respect among the public largely gone for good. It’s the tragic story of the fall of a great celebrity.

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    What a load of celebrity-kissing crap.