Irina Shayk: Sports Illustrated Cover Girl 2011 (Photos)

Russian super-model Irina Shayk is Sports Illustrated Cover Girl for 2011! She and her body look just fine on the cover, don’t cha think? Enjoy some bikini photos of her below as well as a body-paint video of her on the beach for Sports Illustrated.

Irina Shayk

Its been revealed that Irina Shayk is going to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for 2011. I know you already know that unless you’ve been under a rock the last few days. Okay. So we’ve been busy. But we have a LOT of swimsuit and a few topless photos of Irina Shayk for you below to make up for us being a little behind the curve with this news.

Anyway, she’s talking maybe getting into some acting or going through whatever other doors this opportunity might open up for her.

“You never know because Sports Illustrated opens so many doors and I’m just trying to enjoy my moment and concentrate on my modeling career, but you never know where it takes you next,” she told the Wall Street Journal when asked if she wanted to act.

Her ideal role? “Well I would definitely be a Russian spy. I would be very comfortable in that role, this I know for sure.”

Yeah, being a Russian spy has done a world of good for Anna Chapman.

Congratulations to Irina Shayk!!

Watch the David Letterman Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Top Ten below. Also, enjoy the Irina Shayk body painting video from Sports Illustrated. Yeah. She’s naked on the beach. Also, there are lots of Irina Shayk bikini photos from a 2009 SI photo shoot. ENJOY!!!!

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