Roseanne Barr Reality Show on her Macadamia Nut Farm

Lifetime Television is launching a Roseanne Barr reality show on her Hawaiian macadamia nut farm. The show will follow her around while she runs her 40-acre farm with her boyfriend Johnny Argent and her son Jake.

Roseanne Barr

I seriously thought Roseanne Barr had retired to blogging these days, but not so. She has sold a reality show idea to Liftetime who have ordered 16 half-hour shows that will start airing sometime in 2011. The show hasn’t gotten a name yet, but I’m sure there are plenty of creative idea’s out there ‘Roseanne’s Nut Farm’ comes to mind right off the bat.

“Roseanne Barr is an undeniable force of nature and the idea of following her in this unique premise excited us from the get-go,” said Nancy Dubuc, Lifetime president and GM. “Roseanne is funny and brutally-honest, and our audience will relate to her decision to go on this adventure and create an entirely new life for herself. We are thrilled she will make her long-awaited return to television on Lifetime”

Roseanne’s Domestic Goddess routine, the one that made her famous to begin with, was pretty funny. Her show ‘Roseanne’ was funny in the beginning until she turned it into a political hammer for whatever cause she was supporting at any given moment. The thing is, she had one funny gig and turned that into a career and has flattered whenever she tried to branch out from that one ‘domestic goddess’ routine.

But that’s just my opinion. Obviously someone likes low-brow, loud, obnoxious, low-class, loud-mouthed, obnoxious, arrogant and did I mention obnoxious women comics.

Okay. She has some redeeming qualities, one of which is self-deprecation. Her response to getting her own reality show was kind of funny. Sort of.

“I’m coming back down to earth, and keeping it real,” Barr said in a statement. “They’ve said ‘Roseanne’s nuts’ for years, and now I’m going to make that a reality — I’m all about nuts now, macadamia nuts!”

Anyone got any suggestions for the name of the new Roseanne Barr reality show?

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