Kim Kardashian Sleeps With Australian Bodyguard for Kourtney And Kim Take New York (Video)

As if one Kim Kardashian sex tape isn’t enough, we now have two. She sleeps with her former Australian bodyguard for an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. I wonder if she’ll be upset when it airs? You can see the video and some photo stills from the episode below.

Kim Kardashian, Shengo Deane

Kim Kardashian met Shengo Deane when she was in Sydney last year. Apparently he wrote her an email to say hello and got a great answer in return. They met up in New York and she showed him her apartment. They were being filmed for a soon-to-be-aired episode of Kourtney and Kim Do New York, but in this case it looks like Shengo took Kim.

She closed the bedroom door, he closed the window shades and the cameras were let in the next morning after she’d gotten her bedhead all fixed and all, ya know.

She says he’s ‘Tall, dark and has the sexiest Australian accent.’

Kim claims her sex-tape is not what she has built her Kardashian empire from. She claims its her family reality shows. WhatEVAH.

Kim Kardashian Playboy Photos

So now, I guess if you want to insert the Kim Kardashian sex-tape into the tape below after the shut the curtains, then you’ll be good to go.

I hope she puts on her big-girl panties and sucks up whatever publicity she gets from this sexual encounter airing on her show.

While you are waiting for this episode to air, you can get a taste of it from the pictures and watching the video below.

More Kim Kardashian photos [some NSFW]

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  • el guapo

    Kim’s empire was built by her mom…she really knows how to sell her girls…lolol

  • Gerty456

    A white guy?

  • I read this news, that the famous actress Kim Kardashian sleep with the American bodyguard. I collect some nude pictures of Kim Kardashian on web. She looks very juicy on it.