Cd Universe, Amazon and a number of other retailers are marketing an unbelievably controversial and bad DVD that passes itself as a horror movie. I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL THE POLICE is both unsettling and terrible all at the same time. It is certainly deserving of it’s unofficial NC17 rating, due to it’s offensive and horrible subject matter. I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL THE POLICE is a horror movie as seen through the eyes of a sex criminal who assaults women in their own homes. It’s a disgustingly cheap and tawdry film, that stops just shy of being some form of warped underground porn masquerading as a horror crime film.

The film style, the script, the acting, the actors, all converge together to make this the very worst film I’ve seen this year. Bill Zebub is a heavy metal rocker type guy. But, his films are pure trasharama experiences. If you can stomach it, a second forgettable film is also included on the I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL THE POLICE DVD free of charge. The same independent film company also issues a number of heavy metal themed movies, most of which aren’t very good as well.

Bill’s website also features a trailer for what he considered to be the worst horror film ever made. Maybe I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL THE POLICE is a sort of sick joke. But, I sure didn’t laugh. Maybe his other films are a little better than this pure dreck.

The Bottom Line: For God’s sake avoid this movie like the plague. It’s the absolute worst. Some independent films don’t deserve to be made. No stars. Light years beyond poor. This terrible movie sure made the last film I reviewed, the latest AMERICAN PIE film look like high art by comparison.

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