CBS Reporter Lara Logan Beaten And Sexually Assaulted

In an outrageous act of violence, a violent mob in Egypt attacked CBS reporter Lara Logan and beat and sexually assaulted her. The violence against the reporter only stopped when a group of about 20 women and police came to her aid. It was one of the most outlandish things ever to happen to a reporter covering an event ever.

Lara Logan is widely respected for her excellent international reporting. Logan is South African born, and has become one of the best things about the ratings troubled CBS evening news that has lost many viewers since Katie Couric took over the helm. One report claims that Logan was brutally gang raped by a crowd of about 200.

The 39 year old reporter is currently recovering in a hospital in the United States from her injuries from the beating and sexual violence.

Read more about the Lara Logan attack.

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