Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Mentally Ill Justin Bieber Fans Issue New Round Of Threats

Move over Congressman J. Randy Forbes, a collective effort by some mentally unbalanced fans of Justin Bieber has already knocked you off the big time sissyass Mount Rushmore monument of shame pedestal as the most crazy person in America. It appears that Justin Bieber must be the fan favorite of the mentally ill set, because for the third time in recent months, some fans of the 16 year old Canadian heart throb have issued threats of violence, this time after Bieber lost the Grammy Award for best new artist to singer Esperanza Spalding. Previously, some unbalanced fans of the teen heart throb issued threats of violence when he was seen kissing Disney star Selena Gomez. Screwball fans of Bieber also issued some threats against Kim Kardashian as well. Who will be threatened next by unbalanced fans of Justin Bieber is anyone’s guess?

Recently, Justin Bieber had to settle down some of his mentally unbalanced fans by publicly claiming that he’s not dating Kim Kardashian. Oh, that’s great. He has to be in the crisis management business because some of his fans are so wacko. That’s just so reassuring.

Now, I have to admit that being threatened by Justin Bieber fans is hardly enough of a scare to make you wet your pants. Far more frightening would be threats coming from some hardcore organized crime family or some other frightening group where major league violence could really ensue. Preteen girls who have a heart throb for the 16 year old singer aren’t the most scary. But, still when they issue threats of violence, it’s major league bullshit and certainly big time enough sissyass stuff, warranting that nebulous little award here.

It took quite an effort to topple Congressman J. Randy Forbes crazy claim to fame. He’s a real bullshit guy who slaps people around like a girl by writing blatantly false and libelous letters to the nation’s attorney general to get people arrested who run perfectly lawful businesses. But, to topple his efforts at convincing everyone that’s he’s the most crazy person in America meant that real preteen girls who are unbalanced fans of Justin Bieber had to stand on each other’s shoulders like sort of totem pope of mental illness and big time sissyassdom. In a very sick way, that’s some impressive mental illness display. But, for God’s sake get some professional help people!

Besides mental illness, Congressman J. Randy Forbes and the preteen fans of Justin Bieber do share one other thing. Neither have had their period yet.

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  • Edmond39

    I do no believe that gringos would do such a thing as you say with their beloved 14 year old daughter. Can you give me name of gringo newspaper that reported such a thing’