Lady Gaga Hatches From Her Egg With Horns on Her Shoulders (Photos)

Lady Gaga hatches from her egg with horns on her shoulders and performs Born This Way at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. Check out the pictures and video below.

Lady Gaga Hatches

How on Earth could Lady Gaga top the meat dress she wore to the Grammys last year? Well, make an entrance encased in an egg-like thing carried by some muscular men and leave everyone to wonder WHAT THE H*LL!! That’s how.

And that’s what she did.

As we all know, Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammys in an egg. She even gave an interview with Ryan Seacrest while in the egg.

Others may have won the awards, but she won the chatter while she was incubating for 3-hours before her performance at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Then, when the big moment arrived, she hatched on stage and sang Born This Way. She crawled out of the egg, dressed in a yellow translucent costume with triangular pasties covering her nipples. I don’t know if that’s an official ‘nip slip’ as it is was intentional, but it’ll do in a pinch I guess. Oh, and she had some sort of pointed horns on her shoulders (implants?), similar to the jagged dinosaur-ous type edges on her face in her Born The Way album cover.

More Lady Gaga photos, some NSFW

If she has to keep topping herself every year than I hate to even think of what she might come up with next year.

Remember when people sold albums for being talented and didn’t have to do stunts to get attention? Not that she doesn’t have talent. I guess whatever floats your boat.

You can see more photos of Lady Gaga Hatching from her egg and performing Born This Way at the Grammy Awards in the video below.

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