The Best And Worst Valentine’s Day Love Ideas

For couples looking to make Valentine’s Day really memorable, there’s plenty of interesting love ideas out there to put a little spark in your bedroom. After you start with the basics, the flowers, the card and the candy, there’s few other important items that you might want to bring into your bedroom to spice up your Valentine’s Day. However, a few are better than others. Here’s a few of the one’s to consider:

Adult Videos: Nothing will spark up your bedroom like watching a good get down and nasty sweaty little video. You’ll both be so hot, you’ll go at it like a couple of rabbits afterwards. But, be sure to find a good one. Too many are simply boring dreadful, with few really great titles out there. Ask for recommendations from a video store clerk to avoid disappointment here.

Lotions: You can’t possibly really go wrong here. Your lady would probably really love a nice erotic massage with a nice lotion, and she can offer you one too. If it feels good, do it. If it does good, feel it.

Games: This year even Walgreen’s is selling a $5.99 romantic Valentine’s Day game complete with a blindfold, handcuffs, a tickle wand, a do not disturb sign, and a pair of dice telling you to kiss her ear, or to tickle her toes, etc. Looks like fun to me.

Lingerie: Who doesn’t enjoy some hot romantic lingerie to wear in the bedroom on your special lover’s day. Nowadays there’s so many hot fashions that are affordable. What used to be once just found at places like Frederick’s Of Hollywood can now be found at Target and many mainstream stores. Your lady might look pretty hot wearing that black garter belt and some black lace. If that doesn’t get your motors running, them you probably aren’t breathing, and shouldn’t be reading this.

Viagra: Viagra is an important sex aid for many men as they age. The desire may be there, but with age the equipment just may not work as well as it did when you were 18 or 20. However, there may be serious risks here. In a few cases Viagra has caused heart failure, blindness and other problems. A serious headache on the order of a hangover could result as well, along with some temporary racing of the heart and color vision problems that might last a few hours. If you use Viagra, be careful. Ending up dead may not be worth it.

Steel Rod: Steel Rod and some other similar herbal products claim to work, and have some good results for some users. However, some of these herbal products can have some weird side effects on the brain such as creating drug-like effects and other side effects. Use carefully.

Sex Toys: Using vibrators and other fun toys on your lady might be a real blast, but maybe less fun if she uses them on you. You might have to shop for something you can both share that works. But, the fun potential is real high here.

Food: Making your lady a nice little bikini out of whipped cream and licking it all off is a real blast, and she can do the same for you. A little food in the bedroom can be a lot of fun. Don’t worry about calories for heaven’s sake. Just enjoy yourself.

Bondage Toys: Here’s where you need to be extra careful. I can’t stress that point enough here. There’s some soft handcuffs that won’t cause any harm that are lined with fur and blindfolds so you can surprise your lover with doing some delicious, if not naughty little things. And a little rope can be used to tie up your lover, if they dig that. But, you need to be careful with whips, canes and other toys that have some real serious mischief potential. Some whips such as some soft martinets or cat o’ nine tail are fine to gently play with, because they don’t really cause any real harm if made from soft material or made from light weight leather. But, things like a riding crop or canes must be used more symbolically in love role playing unless you dig real pain or real painful welts and bruises that could last for days. Canes can even draw some blood if used hard. They’re as serious as you can get, but just fine if used very gently in those bad girl/bad boy sex fantasy games. But, actually causing serious pain or punishment to your lover is real heavy duty stuff. And that’s usually not a lot of fun unless you like heavy S&M rather than soft erotic loveplay. That’s a real pain in the ass. Be extra careful if you bring these type of toys into your bedroom. Make Valentine’s Day fun and romantic and be careful if want to get a little kinky. Sometimes leaving a real impression on your lover isn’t such a good thing.

New Locations: Try a new location for your Valentine’s Day lovemaking. Have a getaway at a new place and enjoy yourself. Have a great date, even if you’ve been married a long time, with a nice meal and plenty after time away from the kids.

Have fun lovers. Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. Make the most of it with a great date and plenty of hot and sweaty lovemaking after. The bottom line is to enjoy yourself big time.

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