The popular amorous teenager series, AMERICAN PIE, is back once again making the rounds at Redbox machines for yet another so-so slice of horny teenage humor. And predictably, this isn’t high art here. Yet, AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS THE BOOK OF LOVE is an acceptable enough slice of throwaway humor to watch once with popcorn. Also back again is yet another outrageous attempt by one of the actors to masturbate with food that goes horribly wrong, mainly because it was a terrible idea to begin with. And Eugene Levy returns as well.

THE BOOK OF LOVE involves a student who accidentally causes a fire in the school library and while being punished with detention cleaning up the mess, discovers a book called THE BIBLE, which turns out to be a collection of male students sex tips and tips for getting laid compiled over the years. It’s filled with tawdry little facts and poorly drawn sexual illustrations of such topics as the G Spot and other knowledge. This book sets up the premise of the story.

The book recommends that the young men first lose their virginity to a Canadian prostitute by the name of Monique. So the boys travel to a Canadian cathouse for this experience, but are horrified to see that so many years have passed that Monique is now very old, although very experienced. This sets up another horrible AMERICAN PIE moment when old Monique dies of heart failure right in the middle of oral sex. It’s yet another gross AMERICAN PIE classic moment.

The AMERICAN PIE series works pretty hard to be gross and outrageous. It probably won’t get any girl in the romantic mood for Valentine’s Day, despite the title which sounds romantic. But, for a few juvenile gross-out laughs, it’s once again an acceptable, but hardly great outing. Even AMERICAN PIE: BAND CAMP had some better moments such as the dry hump contest, which seemed pretty sexy and funny with the lap dances until one of male contestants would complete. This film just didn’t have any real sexy or funny moments as good as that.

The Bottom Line: More gross-out laughs from the horny teenage humor series, but hardly the best of the series by any means. The DVD does contain some unrated material making it slightly more outrageous than the theatrical version though. But, nothing here really ranks as any worse than any R rated stuff laughs. Gross, but somewhat funny at times. You’ll smile a little here. But, you’ll be hard pressed to laugh out loud. ++(Two stars, fair. There’s better teenage sex comedies than this such as the 18 OLD VIRGIN. Yet, there’s few funny and sexy good moments here. Good enough to watch once).

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