Cd Review: Green Day AWESOME AS F**K

Recorded during their concert tour to celebrate the success of their 21st CENTURY BREAKDOWN album, Green Day’s new album debuts on March 22. It includes live versions of many of the songs from the album recorded in the U.S., England, Canada, Austria, Japan and Ireland. In addition to the Cd, a DVD of a live show recorded at Saitama, Japan is included as well. According to advance information a Bluray version of the show will also be offered as well.

I was really impressed with this live Cd after listening to the advance release tracks. It’s another great effort by this traditional punk rock band that’s been on a real roll in the last few years, with excellent effort after effort. The writing ability of the band continues to evolve and improve with each album where the 21st CENTURY BREAKDOWN acted as a new landmark in the band’s history. Billy Joe Armstrong continues to prove that he is a great talent. In fact, AMERICAN IDIOT was adapted into a Tony Awards nominated Broadway play. 65 million record sales later, Green Day continues to astound as the most successful punk rock act ever, managing a success that has only evaded so many other acts of the same genre.

It only seemed natural that a great live album should follow all of the success of this group. AWESOME AS F**K just about sums up the band’s current success. Things don’t get much better than this.

The Bottom Line: Building on the success of 21st CENTURY BREAKDOWN comes this great live package with Cd and DVD. It’s a must have item for sure. Buy it March 22. +++(Three stars. good. A great effort where the live DVD really is a real treasure to enjoy).

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