Kate Middleton Kidnapping Game Enrages Brits: What Were They Thinking?

A boy scout leader in the U.K. thought it would be fun to have a ‘rescue-the-princess-themed outing’. Naturally, the most talked about Princess in England would be the subject of the quest, but the Kate Middleton kidnapping game enraged the Brits and the 2nd Amersham Common Scouts are being asked for an explanation.

Kate Middleton

The 2nd Amersham Common Scouts had there annual ‘quest’ last week. In good medieval fashion, the theme was a kidnapped princess and a distressed prince asking for the assistance of, who else, a troop of boy scouts in their tweens. A scenario was played out by actors in which the future princess is kidnapped and the Prince comes to the boys and asks for their help in finding her. The scout troop then spent hours looking through the area for clues and one assumes eventually found the actress who was playing the part of princess.

The problem is that they choose as their subject the current almost princess and future queen Kate Middleton who is to be married to Prince William at London’s Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011.

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A local newspaper, the Buckinghamshire Advertiser, ran the story and the story got bigger and bigger. Scout master Brian Shelley planned the event and says he doesn’t see what the problem is. The boys found it ‘amusing’ he said. I think that’s British for they had a good time and really got into their quest to save the princess from the mock kidnapping.

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This is one of those stories where I honestly don’t know whether to ask ‘what were they thinking?’ or to say ‘come on people, lighten up!’ I have to say that the idea of hundreds of 11 – 13 year-old boys scouring the countryside for an actress pretending to be a soon-to-be princess and coming to the aid of an actor pretending to be Prince William is kind of humorous. I mean, who doesn’t like a good ‘quest’ game? But couldn’t they have done the same thing with a fairy tale princess and not caused such a stir and security concerns?

I don’t know. Is this much ado about nothing or a serious security threat? Let me know what you think.

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