Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Congressman J. Randy Forbes’ War On Adult Videos

Congress has more than a few crazy people in it. But, perhaps the biggest wacko job at this time has to be Representative J. Randy Forbes from the 4th District in Virginia. He’s the same screw loose guy who attempted to abuse the legislative process to declare the United States as a Judeo-Christian nation, never mind that the Native Americans lived here way long before any White Christian settlers and hundreds of other later immigrant citizen groups who have their faiths outside of this Judeo-Christian religious faith. He also sought to abuse the legislative process to proclaim that the “Holy Bible Is God’s Word”. OK, I get it congressman. You’re a real crazy guy and a religious nut job. You well made your point here.

Now, this wacky guy is circulating a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging vigorous enforcement of obscenity laws and endless government investigations of perfectly legal motion picture companies who produce adult videos. Instead of the FBI keeping the nation free from terrorists or those thousands of crooks who run cyberscams using the Internet to defraud people using their credit cards, J. Randy Forbes wants government to spend people’s hard earned tax money on potential obscenity investigations of legal businesses. When you pay your taxes remember guy’s like this who want their hands in your pockets to spend your tax dollars for their own pet projects such as suspending The Bill Of Rights.

Congressman J. Randy Forbes also appears to be a pathological liar as well. He falsely claims in his letter to Attorney General Eric Holder that pornography has “changed” somehow, now becoming more “addictive” and “linked to other crimes”. Further, this pig-eyed lying sack of crap congressman claims that that “today’s hardcore pornography is typified by extreme violence against women”. Bullshit. Most typical pornography is either just nudity or normal sexual intercourse among the actors or models. And stringent federal record keeping laws like #2257 require that all actors or models be over the age of 18 as well. There’s no hint of violence towards women here. So where does this congressman come up with his claim that most of “today’s hardcore pornography is typified by extreme violence against women”. A lie is a lie is a lie here.

Forbes also wants people to believe that pornography is somehow “addictive”. More bullshit. Drugs, including caffeine and cigarettes all have true physical dependence issues that can be scientifically documented. However, where’s any medical evidence that watching nudity in a movie or adult actors having sex in a adult video creates any “addiction”. No such thing exists. Pornography isn’t putting some chemical into the body like some drug, so where does this congressman get off claiming that some physical “addiction” potential exists. There’s people that like video games, ice cream or even porn. But, in every case there’s no such thing as any physical addiction potential to any of these things. Pornography “addiction” doesn’t exist.

A further problem is that since most adult material involves either just nudity or sexual penetration, such material is not generally considered to be legally “obscene” these days. Why, spend a lot of taxpayer money going on some big Internet porn search for some tiny bit of adult posted material that might cross some legal line into some possible “obscenity” violation. Is this a worthwhile way to spend your tax money. You work hard for your money, why hand it to this congressman to squander it by the millions of dollars looking at perfectly legal businesses, looking for some incidental portion of some adult video that might possibly be considered obscene in some local little community somewhere. Most adult video companies are perfectly legal businesses who abide by local and federal laws and take out the required film permits to produce these legal movies, mostly in Northern California.

Forbes is supposed to be a lawyer. Yet, you’d expect him to have some better basic understanding about law and such things as legal issues regarding obscenity or libel. Yet, he makes false claims that adult material causes injury, when no such scientific proof exists other than his own absurd claims.

Forbes claims to be some religious Baptist. Yet, maybe he should read the Ten Commandments sometime. One of these reads not to “bear false witness against others”, otherwise meaning don’t make false legal claims that some people are breaking the law in an attempt to get these people thrown in jail. Forbes is making the equivalent of a false police report. He’s falsely claiming that some perfectly legal businesses are breaking the law and selling some supposedly defective dangerous products that hurt people. What bullshit!

On Valentine’s Day millions of happy adult couples will likely enjoy watching a sexy adult video as an aid to their lovemaking. They don’t need some big time sissyass congressman watching over them in their own bedroom telling them what they’re allowed to do there.

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