Neeru Singh Bajwa Lingerie Photo for FilmFare Magazine: Bollywood Punjabi Girl Hot Pictures

Neeru Singh Bajwa did a lingerie photo for FilmFare magazine this month which gives us an excuse to write about her. Below you can find hot photos, a video and a brief biography of the Bollywood punjabi girl.

Neeru Singh Bajwa FilmFare Magazine

Neeru Singh Bajway Lingerie Photo for FilmFare Magazine

Neeru Singh Bajwa recently did the above lingerie photo shoot for FilmFare Magazine. Some say it is just a chance for her to stay in the news. We think it’s because she’s gorgeous and a popular Hindi film star. You can think whatever you want.

As a biography, Neeru Bajwa’s real name is Arshvir Bajwa. She was born in Canada on August 26, 1980, making her 30-years-old. She was brought up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Indian beauty dropped out of high school. She says she was more interested in film than in studies. So far, that’s worked out quite well for her.

Ethnically, Neeru Bajwa is pinjabi, which means she’s of Indo-Ayran descent and is culturally considered part of the Pinjab people of India.

Photos: Bollywood Actresses

She has said in interviews that she was always interested in Bollywood. She left Canada for India in 2003 to pursue an acting career.

She started her career as a model and doing music videos. She then moved to acting and starred in Indian television series, Hari Mirchi Lal Mirchi, Astitva Ek Prem Kahani, Guns and Roses, and Jeet. She then moved to Pinjabi cinema and starred in her first Bollywood movie in 2010.

She starred alongside Vivek Oberoi in Prince. She was also in a horror movie, Phoonk 2.

Enjoy Neeru Singh Bajwa photos below. The video below is a hot kissing scene from the movie Prince.

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