Prince Kicked Kim Kardashian Off Stage (Video)

Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off stage when she froze after he invited her on-stage to dance with him. It didn’t take a minute of her just standing there for him to tell her to get off the stage. You can see the whole thing on the video below.


Prince was performing at Madison Square Garden last night when he invited Kim Karkashian onstage to dance with him. She came up on the stage and then just stood there with her back to the crowd. A few seconds later he told her to get off the stage.

He gave her a chance to make it up by inviting her onstage for a second time. This time she was more prepared and tweeted about it (of course).

Went up on stage AGAIN! This time I redeemed myself! We all danced while Prince played the piano! Wow! What a night!

Kim Kardashian photos [nsfw]

Maybe she needed some script writers to tell her what to do. The second time on-stage was much better. Enjoy watching Prince kick Kim Kardashian off stage in the video below.

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