Aaron Rodgers on Letterman with Loose Lips (Video)

Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers was on Letterman last night and his loose lips during the show might cause a little tension with some of his teammates and his coach. You can see the video below.

Aaron Rodger

Aaron Rodgers talked about his and others leadership roles in the locker room when he talked with David Letterman on television last night. The Green Bay Packers Quarterback might find that he’s getting a little flack in the locker room after some of the things he said.

First, he made a little jab at Coach Mike McCarthy for calling the same plays repeatedly. ‘Mike likes to repeat some calls sometimes, especially if they work … ‘Not this one again!’

Okay, that’s not SO bad, but then he started in on his teammates telling Letterman that sometimes his teammates didn’t know what route to run and that the special team squads make him nervous.

I’m a little bit worried about our special teams. Every time we kick off I kind of hold my breath. It’s just too many bad memories of us taking control of the momentum and then losing it with a kick-off return and you know it just seems to happen at times.

Well. Those guys are pretty big. I really would be a bit nervous if I was Aaron Rodgers next time he’s in the locker room with those guys.

Aaron Rodgers on Letterman with Loose Lips – Video
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