Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Commercial Video for Skechers

Did you see the Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Commercial for Skechers Shape Ups? Don’t worry, if you missed it or want to see it again, we have the video below. I just want to know if that sweat on her is from working out or making out.

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Ad

Kim Kardashian is all about steaming things up with some hot guy who is apparently supposed to be her trainer in the commercial. Then she has to tell him its over because, she’s breaking up to shape up. Its not working out, but she is.

As she walks away from the super hot guy, another guy is sitting on a bench putting on his Skechers and, well, she notices.

The moral of the story is that if you wear Skechers Shape-Ups you break up with the super hot guy and notice the not-so-hot guy wearing Skechers. Or the not-so-hot guy can get Kim’s attention by wearing Skechers. Or something like that.

Whatever the case, its hot, Kim is barely-dressed and oh-so-perfectly sweaty and that’s really what matters. Right?

You can watch the Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial video for Skechers below. What do you think?

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