Will Ferrell is an unconventional guy. And his comedy movie production THE VIRGINITY HIT is a very unusual and unconventional comedy, that was largely filmed by the cast members themselves on home digital camera equipment. And the result is pseudo-reality TV movie about a young man losing his virginity. Yet, THE VIRGINITY HIT is far from the funniest thing that Will Ferrell has ever done. He produced this film, and did not star in it. But, the film does have a few good moments and remains interesting part of the time. But, it’s hardly a great film by any standard of measurement.

Often the film seems almost too real to be taken as a joke. Jokes are often more overt than this. This film’s humor often seems a little bit too subtle, where a decent part of the film appears to be a real documentary. The movie might be a little bit interesting. But, that’s about it. A movie that’s only a little bit interesting is a hard sell to recommend.

The Bottom Line: For the most part Will Ferrell strikes out here. This film isn’t even funny enough for a short SNL segment. ++(Two stars, or only just fair. Watch this only if you must. For everyone else, just skip this film).

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