Royal Wedding Secrets: What Will Kate Middleton Wear?

What will Kate Middleton wear on the day she transforms from a commoner to a Princess? Well, that’s a big secret. There’s a lot we know about the wedding, but there is still a lot we don’t know. Watch the video below about more royal wedding secrets!

Possible Royal Wedding Gown

Kate Middleton is said to be superstitious and will not reveal what she will wear on her big day in April when she marries Prince William. She doesn’t want everyone copying her gown before her own wedding and she doesn’t want the Prince to see it before they marry. Naturally, designers are offering up designs to be the wedding dress of the decade, you can see some of the offerings here.

Photos: Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s Sister
Photos: Kate Middleton Bikini Photos

So what are some of the royal wedding secrets? Well, there’s a guest list of 5,000 and 2,000 of those are personal friends of William and Kate. David and Victoria Beckham and been invited and accepted. There’s a problem with whether or not the walking scandal Duchess Sarah Ferguson will be there. Word is she’ll be invited, but will politely decline. Chelsey Davy is said to have moved back to London and has been meeting Prince Harry. She is expected to be his date to the wedding.

Speculation about which designer Kate Middleton will use for her royal wedding gown includes that she might have two wedding gowns, one for the ceremony and the other for the evening festivities.

Find out more royal wedding secrets in the video below.

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