PETA Super Bowl Ad Video Controversy

The new PETA Super Bowl ad video is creating controversy over the suggestive nature of the ad. So what is new about that? That’s what PETA does and they don’t disappoint in this year’s Super Bowl ad. You can watch the video below.

PETA Super Bowl Ad 2011

The PETA Super Bowl ad for 2011 is all about ‘Veggie Love’ which seems innocent enough, but the name is deceiving. Unless you’re into veggies in that way, if you know what I mean. Don’t worry. Even I don’t know what I mean.

See Chad Ochocinco PETA ad

The thing is, the new ad vegetable love is pretty risque. It is so risque that NBC has declined using it even though PETA offered $3 Million for the ad slot.

See Pamela Anderson PETA ad

The thing is that it doesn’t really matter that much whether the ad ever gets shown on television. The PETA ad people are pros at generating chatter about their ads and this one is no exception.

You can watch the PETA Super Bowl ad video below. The video comes with a warning though, the vegetables are being used in pretty suggestive ways.

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  • Paul Hooson

    Wow, what a great video! And I don’t even like PETA.

    BTW, who knew that bad girls get spanked with celery? But, seriously, an outrageous and funny video, probably too good for TV.

  • epador

    Heh, where’s Lady Gag’s dress? Those might be OK sides with a little dressing, but I still MUST EAT MEAT!