Ben Affleck really surprised me what a talented screenplay writer he can be here. THE TOWN is a nearly flawless, nearly excellent movie. It is easily one of the very best movies of 2010. What a great film. One of the best crime story films I’ve seen in some time. A great screenplay.

Taking place in Boston, Massachusetts, there is a neighborhood called Charlestown which is known as the bank robbery capital of the U.S. because of the high preponderance of crime. And a group of Irish American hoodlums engage in a series of violent bank and armored car robberies often dressed as grotesque Catholic nuns. And where these nuns go, trouble certainly follows.

What makes one of their bank robberies so complicated is that Ben Affleck’s character who is Doug McRay is involved in the abduction of a bank teller who the robbers forced to open a bank safe, but then McRay later makes contact with the female teller and begins to fall for her. Because she is so traumatized by the robbery, she quits her job at the bank, but then becomes a suspect by the FBI for being involved in an inside crime because her relationship with Doug McRay is being tracked by the FBI agents. This creates a huge problem for both characters and adds unique literary tensions to this story.

Ben Affleck is at his peak as an actor here as well. He’s in fine form as are the other actors such as Jeremy Renner who was so good in THE HURT LOCKER. THE TOWN is a highly recommended film for sure. You won’t be disappointed with this very fine film. It’s so good.

The Bottom Line: One of the very best films of 2010 makes for a great DVD treat. +++ 1/2 (Three and a half stars, or just an eyelash shy of being excellent. Extremely good. I wish every film I had to review was as fine as this one. Enjoy this one!).

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