Tiffany Darwish Playboy Pictorial (Photos)

Tiffany and Debbie Gibson co-starred in a television movie, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, on Saturday night. Sad but true. Mega Python vs. Gatoroid brought the two 1980s pop-princess rivals back to the attention of the American public, if only for a moment. It also renewed interest in the Tiffany Darwish (that’s her last name) Playboy pictorial from 2002 We’re happy to be able to take you back in time to 2002 for those Playboy pictures of Tiffany below. You need to click the “show me the good stuff” link to see the not safe for work (NSFW) pictures.

[+ show me the good stuff!]

Also, don’t miss the Debbie Gibson Playboy Pictorial

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  • Empirepine-pacific

    Oh hell yeah

  • backhaul1

    This woman has been overlooked. Her breasts are luscious!

  • Woogy Lewis

    Gorgeous all over!

  • Goat

    Very hot. Great natural tits! Like a hotter version of Carrie Byron, or however it’s spelt, off Mythbusters.

  • Jason Sullivan

    Tiffany was much hotter when she was 15.

  • Jason Sullivan

    When I was 13, 14, and Tiffany came out with her music and videos, I wanted to see her naked. I still do, but she was way hotter as a teen, most especially since she has fake breasts now. I like the real deal, very young, clean shaven and underage. Way more exciting.

    • dwight

      u sick bastard u need reporting to the police……………. how can you think that……………………………………………………….pedo

      • Merlin

        obviously, you are too quick off the shot on this reply, “PEDO means anything pre teen and younger Dufus!” and yeah like you’ve never looked at a younger teen with lustful thoughts, and if you say you haven’t your a liar, it’s human nature Mr Perfect.

        • Sylvain Faucher

          I’m thinking at “underage”, he means 16 or 17 years old(I hope). I would have liked to see her naked in her later teens. I doubt he meant like eleventeen, bald and skweaky clean.

      • Chuck Benedon

        because he was also 14 at the time??