Pontiac And Cadillac’s Own Corvettes That Never Were

Way back in 1964, Pontiac designers built a one of a kind concept car that had many styling cues that were later used in the 1967 Camaro and Firebird models. However, the front end of the Pontiac Banshee strongly suggested that Pontiac may be developing their own Corvette type sports car. However, executives at GM worried about this possiby causing identity problems for the unique Corvette line, so this project was eventually halted.

The Pontiac Banshee was actually a six cylinder car aimed at competition for the Mustang, although a car looking this good needs a nice V8 and no doubt would have received one. However, due to fate, it just remains an automotive oddity and rarity.

Very fortunate for this extremely rare concept car was that in narrowly escaped being crushed by GM, and was sold to a car collector for $214,000. Later, the car was offered at the exclusive Barrett-Jackson auction for $1.3 million, however it failed to sell the first time around at that price. But, regardless this beautiful classic Pontiac concept car is an awesome ride.

GM once envisioned offering a Cadillac version of the Corvette back in the 1950’s with the resurrection of the old LaSalle nameplate. And a rare concept car was built, however it never came into production either. But, the concept of a high end luxury sports car bearing the Cadillac nameplate no doubt inspired other world class brands to later consider offering high end luxury sports car offerings as well. There was the 1955 Corvette styled LaSalle II roadster and the bigger LaSalle II sedan, however neither went past the showcar concept stage.

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