Kylie Minogue See-Through Green Top, Oh MY! (Photos)

Kylie Minogue claims that her sexiness is due to good underwear, but recently she was on-stage without any underwear at all. In face, Kylie Minogue wore a see-through green top and we have the pictures here for you to enjoy.

Kylie Minogue

If you want to see Kylie Minogue in a see-through green top then you have to click on the link below. Be warned, the pictures are NSFW, but she is a great looking 42-year-old.

You need to click on the ‘show me the good stuff’ link below to see the uncensored Kylie Minogue see-thourgh top photos. So much for it being her great underwear that keeps her sexy. It looks like her sexiness hasn’t got a dadgume thing to do with her underwear. Enjoy!

[+ show me the good stuff!]
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