Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Local CBS News Affiliate Picks On Little Mom And Pop Korean Grocery Store

In the hollowed halls of big time sissyass stuff, few moments come as cheap or as cowardly as an attack this week by Portland, Oregon CBS news affiliate KOIN on a little Korean grocery store located in S.E. Portland. The news geniuses at KOIN decided that a great lead news story on the 11pm night news was that a little Korean grocery store has a tiny enclosed section that sells a few mainstream adult magazines such as CHERI, HIGH SOCIETY and other titles in this enclosed section that is just on the other side of a separate area that sells a few dollar store type toys for kids.

The fact of the matter is that few folks stop by this store to buy toys or even porn. The same crap probably sits there for months. Neither are big sellers for your typical small family run grocery store. These are mainly an outlet business for adults to buy beer and cigarettes. And many poor Koreans work huge 15-16 or more hours each day to piece together enough in sales on small profit items like cigarettes, where the profit margin may be as little as just a few cents to pay their $2000 in rent bills, while local news anchors pull down salaries well into the six figures or even better. But, that sure didn’t stop these KOIN news folks from kicking a dog that’s down. They made this their lead story this week. No, not the economy. No, not crime. Just kicking some little Korean grocery store around, while they sell lots of overpriced ads to advertisers and pull down their big news anchor’s salaries.

These KOIN ignoramuses also referred to the mainstream adult magazines available at this store as being hardcore pornography. Well, that’s a little bit deceptive here. Many mainstream men’s and adult magazines may feature some hardcore content these days. However, there’s a little difference between mainstream titles such as CHERI, HIGH SOCIETY, HUSTLER, or other titles that are sold at many convenience stores that may feature some hardcore content and your purely adult bookstore magazines which may feature some harder fetish material or other strange sexual material . The distributor for the magazines, SunnyCo sells to all sorts of convenience stores all through Oregon and Washington. So why did KOIN pick on just this one convenience store then? And other than a few screwballs, who even gives a rat’s ass about a little porn these days.

The fact of the matter is that this little Korean store was being responsible by setting up a seperate section for the adults only magazines. And, they don’t sell materials any different than other many other small convenience stores do, yet KOIN made an attack on this business in an effort to hurt this business financially by giving them bad publicity for really nothing. That’s the true Webster Dictionary meaning of big time sissyass stuff to me.

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  • Epador

    Oh c’mon Paul, I bet their sales in magazines went up.

    • Paul Hooson

      This little store actually closed soon after this story broke. It was the final bit of bad news for this business, which might have lost sales of milk and groceries replaced by only a few adult magazine sales…