Alissa Czisny: U.S. Figure Skating Championships Winner

Alissa Czisny is the U.S. Figure Skating Championships winner after performing an almost flawless program on Saturday. This is her second time to win the national championship, making her the first woman to win multiple national championships since Michelle Kwan’s series of wins ended in 2005. Read more about it and see a photo and video of Alissa Czisny’s performance in the video below.

Alissa Czisny

Alissa Czisny is American figure skating’s golden girl of the moment. The 23-year-old skater has just won her second national championship with a near flawless and elegant performance in the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. She unexpectedly beat out her two top competitors, Mirai Nagasu, 17, and Rachael Flatt, 18, who both made mistakes in their performances that put them behind Czisny in the competition. Flatt ended the competition in 2nd place and Nagasu came in third place.

The United States will only have two skaters in the world championships which means that Nagasu will not be going to Tokyo in March with Flatt and Czisny to compete for the U.S.

The crowd was standing and cheering for Czisny before she finished her final spin. She put on a spectacular, beautiful show.

You can watch her short program in the video below.

Alissa Czisny: U.S. Figure Skating Championships Winner – Video
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  • Mike Peters

    Alissa Czisny is the Lily Langtry of figure skating.