DVD Review: RED

The latest Bruce Willis action comedy DVD release, RED, is enjoyable enough, yet seems like sort of a generic Bruce Willis action film in so many ways. It’s hardly any entertainment masterpiece, yet is certainly a watchable and acceptable enough action film. Loaded with a catalog of great stars including Morgan Freeman, Ernest Borgnine, John Malkovich, Mary Louise-Parker, to name just a few cast members here, this comic thriller based on a DC Comics graphic book seems to wallow in cartoonish larger than life violence. The explosions and other violence seem comically exaggerated.

RED is pretty good, but just not great entertainment. You’ll enjoy yourself as much with a bag of popcorn watching this as you would probably a thousand other films. It just doesn’t stand out as outstanding, although it’s far from a bad film by any means. And with cast members like Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine how can you go wrong. Ernest Borgnine won’t be winning any Oscar for his role as Henry the records keeper here. But still it’s so nice to see this 94 year old actor up and around and healthy enough to do a film like this with a clear mind and acting skills as good as ever. He’s a real legend. Let’s see more films with this guy in the future.

BTW, RED is short for retired extremely dangerous.

The Bottom Line: Not a great film, but a decent enough popcorn action film. ++(Two stars, fair. Give it one good watch, then forget about it. But, it’s more than great to see both Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine. Both are two living legends. And Bruce Willis is as quirky as ever as the lead action star guy.

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