IFC has a history of releasing some very unconventional and outrageous films. The highly acclaimed Norwegian Nazi-zombie horror comedy, DEAD SNOW. was also released by this company as well as a number of other outrageous films. However, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE certainly ranks as the most outrageous film ever released by IFC, bar none. And it’s a twisted classic of sorts. It’s a horror genre film you can’t believe that you’re watching.

The premise of this horror film is so twisted and far out and sure to offend. Two young women get a flat tire and seek help at a nearby house. But, they fall into the deep evil of German doctor gone mad. The German doctor used to be an expert at separating Siamese twins, but now has a medical clinic built into his basement to build his dream, a “human centipede” comprised of joining three persons mouth to anus together in a conjoined monster. The premise has so many disgusting ramifications here. You can only imagine. But, like watching a train-wreck, you can’t turn away. It’s a fascinating horror film in a very perverse way. Simply unbelievable.

If you have a strong stomach for the bizarre in horror films, then this highly Dutch unusual horror might just be for you. While most of the terror is implied rather than explicit, the movie still manages to shock and horrify. It’s a very bizarre and unusual film.

The Bottom Line: A horrific premise makes for one of the most unusual foreign horror films ever produced. +++(Three stars, good, if you can stomach it. Prepare to be shocked or maybe disgusted).

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