Religious Leader Admits To Bisexuality

In a brand new interview in GQ magazine, Rev. Ted Haggard, the once influential evangelical minister now claims that he is “bisexual”. In 2006, Haggard’s career was pretty much destroyed and turned to toast in a scandal in which a male escort claimed that he bought crystal meth from Haggard as well as paying him to have sex. All of this seemed rather remarkable because Haggard was once seen in the film, JESUS CAMP, blasting homosexuality. In 2006, Haggard was also among a group of proponents to write new language into the state of Colorado’s constitution to ban Gay marriage.

Haggard was once a major force in the political world of evangelicals. In 2004, Haggard helped to recruit evangelical voters that year. However, the sex scandal knocked Haggard off the political radar. Subsequent Emails purported that Haggard masturbated with the male escort, and used drugs with him. Some reports claim that Haggard was a “sexaholic”, which must be some sort new fancy clinical language explanation for being just a horny old bastard religious hypocrite.

Haggard has since returned to the pulpit. In a CNN interview in 2010, Haggard claimed the sex scandal episode was just a “massage” that went “awry”. Yeah, but when you use crystal meth things get screwed up pretty fast, Ted.

The funny thing about when some crappy religious leader screws up, is that another crappy one only fills their place. Piece of crap guys like Haggard make it pretty hard to have any faith at all.

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