Ted Williams Leaves Rehab Against Doctors Orders

I guess because it’s important for a rising celebrity to do such things, Ted Williams left rehab against doctors orders. Williams, also known as the homeless guy with the golden voice, entered rehab after appearing on the Dr. Phil show. Let’s be honest, most normal people would need a stint in rehab after appearing on Dr. Phil.

I’m not sure how this whole rehab business or the fact that he left rehab against doctors wishes will affect his job with the Cleveland Cavaliers. I’m rooting for the guy, but this just doesn’t look good to me. You can see his girlfriend, who is also in rehab on Dr. Phil here.

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  • I hope it works out for him. I feel sorry for him actually. It seems like a lot of ppl have just used him for his own benefit. I hope he can pull it together and get the real help he needs.