MAXIM Features 3rd Annual Best Beers Issue

The February 2011 issue of MAXIM features their third annual MAXIM Beer Awards issue and a few surprises are to be found. Certainly some beers like Session Lager, Rogue Chipotle Ale and Lindeman’s Frambroise are pretty obvious choices for best beers, but a few odd ones ended up in the mix such as Steel Reserve High Gravity? Steel Reserve High Gravity? Isn’t that a first choice among those skid row alcoholic bum types? How did a bum beer make the list? Who’s reviewing these beers at MAXIM anyway? Got some shopping cart guys hanging around the office looking for bottle returns? But seriously, many of the choices at MAXIM are pretty interesting.

I was mighty proud to see six great Oregon beers make the list here. Besides the wonderful Chipotle Ale from Rogue(Newport, Oregon), Kiwanda Cream Ale(Pacific City, Oregon), The Abyss 2010 Reserve(Bend, Oregon), Silver Moon Bridge Creek Pilsner(Bend, Oregon), The Vaporizer(Hood River, Oregon)the very excellent Session Lager(Hood River, Oregon) was an obvious choice to include. The black label Session recently won an award for best beer as well, all well proving that the pioneers in Oregon sure know how to beer some good beers to compete with the likes of Guinness Draught from Ireland or Corona Light from Mexico in this world competition for the best tasting beers made.

Hey, guys if you normally feel like a big time twit buying MAXIM, then swallow your pride this month and pick up this issue. Oh, I know the ladies don’t show you much in this magazine, leaving you feel pretty empty and unfulfilled, like that walk of shame from going home from a lousy date that sucks royal. But, hey at least MAXIM has a good beer issue here. That’s worth something, huh?

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