Oprah Secret Revealed Today: What is Oprah Winfrey’s Big Family Reunion Secret?

What is Oprah Winfrey’s big family reunion secret? What ever it is, the Oprah secret is to be revealed today on her show.

Oprah Winfrey

After all her years on television and reuniting one family after the next, Oprah is teasing her show later today as a very personal reunion of her own. Oprah has said it all on her television show. After 25-years on-air, what on Earth is there that we don’t know about her. Well, a lot actually. We know what she’s okay with us knowing, but the rest is kept very private.

Now she says that she was told some news a few months ago that shook her world and she has kept the family secret every since. It has to do with a reunion between her and someone in her own family.

Talk about a massive ratings tease!!!

Naturally, twitter and facebook are all a-twitter with speculation as to who it is that Oprah will be reunited with on her show. Her biological father? Was she adopted and will she be reunited with her biological parents? What about a child given up for adoption when she was a teenager?

What? What! What?

We have to wait until the Oprah Show tomorrow to find out the big secret and I’m guessing it won’t be revealed until late in the show. Or maybe not. You can bet tears will be flowing and it’d better be something good with all the hype its getting before hand.

So what is your best guess? What is Oprah Winfrey’s big family reunion secret? Will you be watching to see the Oprah secret revealed on her show? Tell us what you are expecting in the comments below! Also, watch the video below of the Oprah secret teaser.

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