Kate Hudson Baby Bump Photo

Kate Hudson Baby Bump

Remember the other day when we told you that Kate Hudson was pregnant and some people were denying it and saying ‘no, she’s not pregnant its just that outfit she’s wearing’. Well, turns out. She was and is and now its been confirmed.

The 31-year-old actress and daughter of actress Goldie Hawn (65) has confirmed she is pregnant by boyfriend Matt Bellamy. It wasn’t planned, but they say they are ecstatic! Word is that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are delighted with the news and are hoping for a granddaughter.

Kurt Russell told People magazine: ‘It’s fun having babies once again. And it’s fun to watch them grow. It’s fun to see what they’re grasping. I think secretly we’re all hoping for a girl.’

Goldie Haw said: ‘I’m excited, it’s exciting. You know, we’re just all very happy … happy for them both. What’s more to say?’

The Kate Hudson baby bump photo is above.

Ahhh. We are happy for them all.

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