That Will Leave A Mark: Octomom Fetish Video Photos!

As it turns out, the reported Octomom S&M adult baby fetish whipping video was a comic publicity stunt with Los Angeles radio personality Tattoo to draw some attention. As a stunt it worked. And it was indeed outrageous. However, the whipping was real enough that Tattoo left the stunt with a few fresh red welts to show. Maybe, Octomom and Tattoo need to understand the meaning of a “safe word”. It seems like a few stunts can leave you a little sore the next day, giving you a few regrets.

Octomom, real name Nadya Suleman, has been facing some serious financial problems recently. A garage sale was unsuccessful to save her home which was foreclosed. She had been offered the opportunity to do some adult videos by big name companies such as Vivid, but turned down all the offers. The outrageous fetish video parody appeared to be a response to these offers.

Tattoo helped to sponsor her garage sale, which only raised just $2,600.

Most mainstream adult video companies would actually shy away from the sort of absurd fetish conduct that the silly Octomom video parody contained. She would have been hard pressed to find an American distributor for this sort of material in the U.S. The overwhelming percentage of American erotica merely portrays adult nudity and/or sexual intercourse and the strange fetish stuff is mostly avoided because of thorny legal issues as well as poor sales. Generally, the more mainstream adult material is, the better it sells. The weird stuff just has too small of market or legal issues for most adult companies to fool with.

It’s not clear how much money Octomom earned from her fetish video stunt with the radio personality. But, likely it’s not anywhere near what actually doing a real commercial outrageous video would have earned. Likely, her financial problems are just as bad today as they were yesterday.

Howard Stern wannabe shock jocks like Tattoo do anything they can to lure a few more listeners. Radio is a dog-eat-dog business for ratings. Crazy stunts draw ratings.

Thanks so much to TMZ for their exclusive photo use here. They fill our Email box each day with some great tips and allow us to share their photos.

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