German BIG BROTHER And Adult Film Star Dies After Breast Enhancement Surgery

23 year old Carolin Berger, German adult film star and star of the German version of BIG BROTHER has died as a result of complications during breast enhancement surgery. The actress was known for her outrageousness on the German version of BIG BROTHER. Some reports claim that she suffered two heart attacks during the breast enhancement surgery, where her brain was deprived of oxygen for up to 15 minutes. She was placed on a medically induced coma following the serious complications, but never recovered.

Working under the stage name of Cora, the adult film star set a reputation for doing the most outrageous of filmed sex stunts. She attempted to set a Guinness World Record by performing oral sex on a record 200 men for one film, but developed some breathing problems after #75 and had to be sent to the hospital. In another stunt, she filmed an adult movie in a public family park in Germany, having open public sex with some male co-stars, resulting in her arrest for public indecency.

Her reputation for the outrageous helped her to earn a spot on the German version of BIG BROTHER because she was so outlandish and boosted the shows ratings. Her wild and unpredictable behavior made her fun to watch.

No telling how many of her fans will fly their pants at half mast in honor of her life.

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