Did Prince William’s Balding Hasten Engagement to Kate Middleton?

People are wondering if Prince William’s balding hastened his engagement to Kate Middleton. At least the New York Times has made that connection. As if he’d have a problem finding a bride without any hair at all.

Prince William Balding

Did Prince William’s Balding Hasten Engagement to Kate Middleton?

Prince William is a … well … prince. He’s not just ANY prince, he’s THE prince, future Crown Prince, heir apparent to the throne of England. He will one day be King of England and all the other titles that go with that. Whoever he marries will be Queen of England one day. He’s a kazillionaire. He’s handsome and seems like a pretty decent guy in spite of all his privilege. He’s basically a good catch for some middle-class girl in jolly ol’ England. Actually, he’s the best catch of all, even if he didn’t have a single strand of hair on his blue-blooded royal head.

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Not only all that, but he and Kate Middleton have been dating since they were in college, for over 8 years. Both of them are in their late twenties and frankly, its about time they got married.

Even with all that, the New York Times is posing the question as to whether or not Prince William’s balding has hastened his engagement to Kate Middleton. Furthermore, the NYT poses the question as to whether or not balding lessens a man’s attractiveness.

“You Can Leave Your Hat On” and “No Hair to the Throne” are among the many headlines that have appeared in the British tabloids. Which poses a question: Is it possible that the 28-year-old prince felt an urge to lock up a commitment from Ms. Middleton because his heart-throb status might be beginning to disappear with the hair? If so, what must the rest of the not-so-princely men in the world feel when youthful looks begin to fade?

Fortunately, the New York Times concluded that balding is OKAY! That like women, men are marrying later in life and their physical expectations of a mate become different as they get older.

I know that has to be a huge relief to Prince William.

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To think that just a couple of months ago Kate Middleton was the subject of name-calling by the British tabloids. They called her ‘Waitie-Katie’ for being too available to the young Prince and waiting for a marriage proposal that the tabloids figured wasn’t coming any time soon.

I’m so sure that if William were bald, Kate might have turned him down in preference to a much poorer hairy man.

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