Natalie Portman Laugh: ‘He Totally Wants to Sleep With Me’ Golden Globes Moment Video

Natalie Portman

The best way to get past a cringe-worthy moment is with humor. So the internet is helping Natalie Portman get over the embarrassment of her Golden Globes laugh with video after video and article after article about her failed joke and her cackle when the joke bombed.

Hey. She won a Golden Globe, she’s got Oscar buzz all around her for The Black Swan, she’s pregnant and engaged and she’s the hottest thing in Hollywood right now. Well, one of the hottest things anyway. So she can take it.

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I’ve been researching the videos of Natalie Portman’s ‘joke’ and her ‘He totally wants to sleep with me’ Golden Globes moment and laugh because I care about you, the reader here. The best comes from College Humor. You can see it below.

Here are a bunch of other takes on the Natalie Portman laugh at the Golden Globes.

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