Czech Republic’s New V6 superbike

The Czech Republic has had a sad history. They produced some of the world’s most advanced automobiles back in the 1930’s such as the Tatra T97, which was so impressive that the Germans stole much of the basic design for the Volkswagen. When Tatra sued for patent infringement, Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, later the Russians. But, finally by 1967 Volkswagen paid Tatra the sum of 3 million Deutsch Marks for their theft of the Tatra design. Czech automobiles and Tatra never really received all the credit they were due for producing such an advanced design.

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the breakup of the Czech Republic into a free and democratic nation, master engineers in the Czech Republic are busy back at work designing some of the greatest world class machines. Now, a Czech company is ready to set the motorcycle world on fire by the introduction of an awesome 2.5 liter 240 horsepower v6 powered superbike motorcycle.

Surprisingly, with so much carbon fiber and high tech lightweight metal alloys, the Czech manufacturer claims a weight of just 595lbs. However, production of the new superbike will be quite limited for the near future with just 6 units per year planned at first, meaning the price tag will be in the stratosphere. But, then again the price should be worth it for such a wonderful luxury product and the opportunity to own the finest of fine Czech engineering quality.

World class quality never comes cheap.

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